Sobro Smart Side Table: The Smart Table That You Didn’t Know You Wanted!

Fresh of the heels of the Sobro Smart Coffee Table, Sobro went back into the lab and announced the Sobro Smart Side Table.
So what makes this side table so smart?

Well let’s dive in to the specs:

Sobro Smart Side Table is equipped with:

Cooler Drawer
  • Ability to store and chill your favorite beverages!
Wireless Charging
  • Ability to wireless charge two phones at time!
Bluetooth Speakers
  • Ability to stream music from your devices!
Motion Sensor Lightning
  • Included Front-facing LED motion light to help see in the dark!
Charging/Power Ports
  • Four USB Ports and two Power outlets included
Locking Storage Drawer
  • Secure drawer included
Accent Lightning
  • Ability to add different color lighting options
And More!

Sobro also developed a Smart App to use with your Sobro Smart Side Table. With this app, you are able to sleep better through the night with its white noise generator. The built-in LED  Accent lightning also generates an amber light that simulates the sunrise.


With the Sobro App, you’re also able to lock and unlock your secured drawer anywhere.

Want to set a mood? You can control the accent lightning with the Sobro app to your favorite color to make your surroundings pop!


Sobro goal was to get rid of all the clutter wires of multiple devices and bring it into one stylish hub.

If you have set of Sobro Smart Side Tables, you can even stream your music or TV audio simultaneously to create a home theatre environment!


Sobro is currently selling the Sobro Smart Side table for $899.


You can check out more on the Sobro Smart side table by CLICKING HERE!

Sobro is definitely creating #DopeTech for your household! Let us know in the comments below if you picking one (or two) up!  The Sobro Smart Coffee Table and Sobro Smart side table will make you the life of the party at home. Definitely check Sobro out!