Royal Defender: The Touch ID of Padlocks?

I will go on and say it, combination locks sucks. Too much work to remember 3 numbers to unlock your personal items.
Ok, i admit it.. I’m spoiled by finger print scanning. Ever since Touch ID became a thing, unlocking,buying and approving with a touch of a finger has been life changing.
This technology today is becoming more common to add more security options to your devices. But what about a padlock? For years, padlocks has been secured with a the old faithful key or a combination to unlock your lock.
I know what you are thinking. If it is not broke, why fix it?
Cue in the Royal Defender! What stands out about this is that it is one of the first fingerprint Padlocks ever created. Check out the specs:
  • Cutting-Edge Fingerprint Scanner
  • 2-Year Standby Battery
  • Voice Alarm
  • Unbrakeable Durability
  • 3ft Retractable Steel Cable


Now that I got your attention. The Royal Defender is very handy device! With it’s fingerprint scanner, you’re able to open your padlock  in 0.5 secs.  That’s how quick it can recognize your fingerprint. No more trying to remember your combination codes or trying to find your key.
The Royal Defender is equipped with Anti-Theft alarm. So if a theif tries to open or cut your fingerprint padlock, It will sound an alarm to make you aware.
Another selling point is the included 3ft Retractable steel cable. This smart padlock offers you the customization to lock bigger items such as, luggage, backpacks, sport bags, bikes, skis strollers etc. Anything can be locked with Royal Defender.

It only takes one hour to charge the Royal Defender for a entire year!
It even comes in with a emergency flash light.
So after reading all of that, why would you want a regular padlock? Step up your game and check out the Royal Defender.
It is available to purchase now for $79.99
For more information, check out the Royal Defender HERE