Rezvani Tank

Wow! When I first set my eyes on the Rezvani Tank, I was blown away. I was like this can’t be real so I had to do some investigating. So I went to the Rezvani Motors official website to get more familiar with it’s Tank Model. From what I saw, my mouth is still on the floor. This vehicle is a beast!

Rezvani Tank is a tactical urban vehicle that was built for any off-road and on-road challenge! At first glance, you would think this truck came straight out of Fast & Furious or Call of Duty!

At the heart of the Tank is a powerful 6.4-liter 500-horsepower V8 engine AKA SRT8. Before you can get into the Interior, you are welcomed by the power-initiated rear-opening doors that lead to its luxurious cabin.

The interior of the truck has the right amount of leather padding to make it a comfortable ride for hours of driving. What’s really amazing about this Tank is the on-demand 4×4 capable four-wheel-drive system. This can be activated when needed for off-road use and de-activated to be more efficient on road.

Rezvani Tank also has two off-road packages that include high ground clearance and top of the line off-road suspension.

Did I mention the wheels? The standard grid off-road package has an option for the T6061 Air Craft Forged aluminum custom design!

You won’t have any issues seeing at night since their Tank is equipped with High Intensity LED lighting. This comes in handy when you’re driving in a dark neighborhood or in a dark area.

The best part of the vehicle is the is the HUD (Heads Up Display) & Night Vision/Thermal Vision System. The HUD on the windshield displays speed, navigation, incoming calls, text messages, fuel level, calendar notifications, and speed limit.

The Night Vision/Thermal Vision System features a Thermal Night Vision System from FLIR that displays heat signatures as well as standard night vision. In Western New York I can see this feature helping a lot of consumers to help make you aware of surroundings at all times. This will help you see deers, bike riders, joggers and more that has a heat signature.

Source: Rezvani Motors

Rezvani allows you to customize your Tank as well. Check out option list below!

Tank Options List:

    Off-Road Package – 6” Lift, 37” x 12.5” inch tires

  • Dynatrac ProRock 44/60 Axle Set with E-Lockers
  • Front and Rear 1350 Driveshafts
  • FOX 2.5” Remote Reservoir Shocks

    Off-Road Extreme Package 6” Lift, 37” x 13.5-inch tires

  • Dynatrac ProRock XD60/80 Axle Set with Air Lockers & Air Compressor
  • Dynatrac ProGrip Front and Rear Brake Kit
  • Front 1350 and Rear 1410 Driveshafts
  • FOX 2.5” Internal Bypass Shocks with DSC
  • FLIR Thermal Night Vision

    Ballistic Armor (B4, B6, B7)

  • Kevlar Armor
  • Bulletproof glass
  • Military grade run-flat tires
  • Kevlar protected fuel tank, floorpan, radiator

    Leather Package

  • Leather seats
  • Suede headliner

    Tow Package

  • Tow hitch
  • Front mounted winch

    Convenience Package

  • Automatic opening/closing side steps
  • Heads up Display

Rezvani Tank starts at $178,000 and you’re able to reserve one now with a down payment of $2,000. The build time is approximately 12 weeks. We are anxious to get behind the wheel of this luxurious Monster! Be sure to keep an eye out for that!

For information about the Rezvani Motors Brand, check out their official website by clicking HERE

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Source: Rezvani Motors