OVIS | The 1st AI-Powered Suitcase 

I can’t believe we’re at the point of time that Artifical Intelligence Suitcases exist! ForwardX has stated that they have created the first AI-Powered suitcase called OVIS, that follows you inside the airport. Seeing it in motion, your eyes will be amazed.

Everywhere you go, OVIS follows you on your side. Which is crazy! This is a huge win for all of the lazy people who don’t want to pull your carry-on luggage! But most of all, this is a huge win for smart tech and this suitcase is full of it!

This large suitcase has been built to be very durable and lightweight. You will find the unibody of the suitcase and camera has a very sleek design that stands out from other brands. ForwardX implemented at charging portal to allow you to charge your USB devices on the go! Did I mention that this is waterproof as well?

SOURCE: ForwardX

ForwardX has equipped OVIS with the ability to not only side follow you, but it can avoid obstacles as well. If a person is coming your way, OVIS is smart enough to go around that person. Same can be said about objects. OVIS has algorithms in place that is based on a self-driving technology. So it has a great sense of its environment and knows that its end goal to get back on your side to follow you.

But, are we able to get through those terrible TSA lines with it??

The answer is YES! This is thanks to its removable battery. With a press of a button, it easily falls out and becomes TSA approved. Once you get through security, all you have to do is pop the battery back in and OVIS is back on your side.

But, how does OVIS know that it should be following you throughout the airport??

This is due to the included wearable smart band for your wrist. Once you place on the band, side follow is activated. ForwardX has equipped it with an Anti-lost smart alarm. Your wrist will vibrate you’re two meters way from OVIS.

SOURCE: ForwardX

ForwardX has a developed an App to go along with your smart suitcase. This allows it to bring even more functionality. Check this out!

GPS System
You’re able to track your OVIS suitcase it’s GPS Tracker on the App.

Weight Measuring
The ability to weigh your suitcase. Which is amazing! Never have to worry about overpacked fees again!

Monitor your OVIS battery life to keep it from dying. ForwardX stated the expected battery life is two round trips with one charge. A full charge is only 4 hours.

And much more with future firmware updates.

SOURCE: ForwardX

If you’re in a hurry, you’re able to go into manual mode by just grabbing on the handle. If you suitcase battery runs out, OVIS wheels will become omnidirectional. This allows you the customization pull your luggage is any direction!

This is definitely the future of suitcases. We feel that ForwardX has knocked it out of the park with its design and smart tech. You’re able to pre-order the OVIS now by checking out their Official Website or Indiegogo page. Shipping is expected this winter!

What do you guys think of the future of smart suitcases? Sound off in the comments below!