#CarGoals: Lucid Air

When I first saw the Lucid Air from scrolling through my Facebook timeline, I didn’t believe it was real. I thought that it was another concept car that would never be seen in the light of day. Come to find out I was wrong! The Lucid Air is one hell of a vehicle! This electric beauty was revealed by Lucid Motors last December to the public.

Check out some of the Pics:

Lucid Air

Credit: Lucid Motors

Lucid Motors goal was to create a luxury brand that will be affordable to the consumer. The starting price will be $52,500 after you apply the federal governments or any of the states tax credits on plug-in electric vehicles. The standard version comes equipped with:

• 240-mile range battery
• 400 horsepower (rear-wheel drive)
• Autonomous driving hardware
• LED multi-lens array headlights
• Four screens, with interactive-touch surfaces on three
• 5-seat configuration with a rear bench seat
• 10 advanced airbags
• Aluminum roof
• 19-inch wheels
• Over-the-air software updates

Also, there are available updates if you are not satisfied with the standard version. This includes:

• 400-mile-range battery option
• Twin-motor configuration, with all-wheel drive
• Fully active suspension
• 21-inch Lucid-design wheels
• Glass canopy roof with electrochromic shading
• 29-speaker audio system with active noise cancellation.

I’m not going to sit here and lie to you people out there. We at Tech Daddy can’t wait to get behind the wheel of this luxurious vehicle. The only issue is that the wait seems to be a little on the long side. Lucid Motors are expecting to release the Lucid Air to the public in 2019. Pre-orders are live on Lucid Motors Website.

Pricing as follows:

Launch Edition: $25,500 down payment.
Be one of the lucky consumers to reserve 1 of 255 special edition cars first off the production line.

Standard Version: $2,500 down payment
The standard version will be provided when the production of the first 255 launch edition cars are completed.

Check out more information about the Lucid Air and how to reserve one on their official website!

After looking through the pictures, we are anxious to sit on its luxurious leather. It looks so comfortable that we would drive that car with our socks on!

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Written By Darryl