How I Lost My First 20 pounds Pt.1

There are tons of fitness stories out there and I never thought I would be one of them to share mines. Starting this journey of becoming a healthier me has changed my life in many ways. I didn’t have the confidence within myself, I was treating my body like garbage which is why I felt like that. I was a walking Jordan Meme. 

I was active prior to getting married, I use to go to the gym faithfully for about two months and then I stop for some reason. Well, not a reason, more of an excuse. “Oh it’s raining today” or “Oh, I’m a take a quick nap!” (which turned into real sleep.) I have been holding myself back from greatness. Self-doubt, laziness, and just couldn’t see the big picture of health. I mean come on, We live in the world where fast food is easier to consume than healthy food. Who doesn’t love Chick-Fil-a, Popeyes, Chipotle, or Pizza & Wings? After Father’s Day, I woke up and felt heart pains to the point I needed to go to the doctor. After the doctor ran some test, it was determined that I needed to lose weight immediately. I was a borderline diabetic which was a big wake up sign for me. I wanted to be here for the long haul for my family so the campaign #NOMOREFATCARL became a reality.

So the first thing I had to do was empty my refrigerator of all of my fat snacks and start fresh. The only problem is, I needed to learn how to prep healthy food. I started using youtube to find some inspiration and came across FitMenCook. His youtube page blew my mind with all different types of healthy recipes with tons of flavor. If you haven’t check out his videos, you need to go there now.

So a big problem I encounter was my body wasn’t train to eat my daily calories and I didn’t know how to count calories.

If you want to lose your first 20 pounds, then you have to first of all EAT. Of course, Eat the right foods as well. Instead of my unhealthy eating regime, I changed it to 5 healthy meals a day.

  • Breakfast
  • First Snack
  • Lunch
  • Second Snack
  • Dinner

This brought me into the world of Meal Prep. I ended up buying these two sets of meal prep containers from Amazon. You should check them out below.
It took the stress away of figuring what I needed to eat. It also saved my marriage because I didn’t have to figure out what my wife wanted to eat as well! Having a great support system in your life will continue to motivate you within your goals.


The secret to losing weight is Nutrition, Nutrition, NUTRITION! You will fail at your first milestone as I did if you don’t learn how to count your calories. A great app I recommend is myfitnesspal. When you sign up on myfitnesspal, you will create your 1st weight loss goal. Then myfitnesspal will then create a macro plan for you to follow. This is totally customizable for bulking and lean plans. Check it out in the App Store and Google Play for FREE.


Once you master your hunger pains, it’s time to get those muscle gains! To be continued…