Livin Shower | The Smart Way to Wash Your @$$!

Man! When I first saw Livin Shower on Kickstarter I couldn’t believe my eyes 👀. It’s getting to the point that everything is becoming smart. Livin Shower is definitely looking to take your bathroom to the next level!

What stands out about the Livin Shower is that you can fully control your shower with its mobile app. Their app allows you to pick the perfect temperature for your shower just by tapping on your phone! The App communicates with the Livin Shower Smart valve dial to configure your selected temperature before getting in.

Livin will send an alert to your phone to let you know that your shower is ready. Then all you have to do to tap on the valve dial and your shower will begin. No more moving the dialing to the location that you want and waiting for the temperature to heat up!

Source: Livin

Livin Shower can hold up to 10 custom profiles so that everyone in your household can personalize their own shower settings.

Livin Shower also adapts by learning your daily schedule to prepare your personalized shower when you are ready to take one.

Source: Livin

Source: Livin

Livin Shower is also equipped with Baby mode. This feature is great because it can be a pain to get the right temperature for your little ones.

But with a touch of the button, it will make bath time a breeze!

Source: Livin


You can connect Livin Shower with the Amazon Echo and Google Home as well. This gives you another option that allows you to use your voice to setup your perfect shower.

Livin Shower also contains a speaker so you are able to listen to music and full control with the valve dial. Livin goal was to create the most immaculate experience in the shower and we think they have succeeded. We are looking forward to getting our hands on one when it is available in October.

It is definitely time to upgrade your shower. Do you want know more?
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