Wofalo Lightning Adapter Review

Since updating to the iPhone 7 plus and losing the headphone jack, I really been missing the ability to charge my phone and listen to the music. Of course, I could just buy me a pair of wireless headphones and use my lightning port to charge my phone. In reality, that’s just another device to charge. we all had those type of days where you forget your wireless headphones (or it’s battery died) and the phone battery is at 10 percent. Then you realize it’s Friday and some new music came out that you want to hear, but you not able to do both, This dual lightning adapter comes from Wofalo comes in handy! It allows you to charge both your iPhone or iPad and listen to music/talk on the phone at the same time.



The way it works, the adapter comes with two lightning ports, one for charging and the other for lightning headphones (Or lightning to headphone jack included with your iPhone). It works as advertised! It is not the flashiest way to do it but it brings back functionality to the iPhone. I think that is cool that it works for the iPhone 8/8s and iPhone X as well. I would highly recommend everybody to check this product out if you miss having that functionality! Check out our review video below.

Wofalo Lightning Adapter For iPhone 7/ 7 Plus & iPhone8/8 Plus