CES 2018: FoldiMate

I’m not going to lie when I saw this FoldiMate at last year CES, I just knew God had answered all my prayers! Sometimes when I’m washing clothes, I spend most of the time on folding and miss out on other things. To be fair, I might just be lazy lol.

Either way, this is a life-changing machine! CES 2018 is here FoldiMate has unveiled it’s newest version! FoldiMate will fold an entire load of laundry in minutes! That is a pretty big claim but I would be lying to say I’m not intrigued by this.

How does it work? You place in your clothes through the FoldiMate horizontal feeder. While inside, the FoldiMate folds your clothes and placed them neatly at the bottom of the machine. Once you are all set, FoldiMate opens up is bottom hatch and slides the folded clothes to you. Right now, the target price is $980 and pre-orders has started on their official website. Shipments will start in 2019.

We think this is some pretty dope tech! Kids today are lucky to live in a generation where this type of technology is becoming the norm. What a time to be alive! Looking forward to getting our hands on one to review next year!

Source: FoldiMate

Check out FoldiMate website by clicking HERE

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Source: FoldiMate