Flirting With Alexa: Should HomePod Be Worried??

Flirting with Alexa – Should HomePod be Worried?? First, I would like to start this article by stating I am a Mac. Some might even say that I can be an “Apple Fanboy / Apple Fanatic” at times. One thing is certain, I’ve definitely joined the Apple cult. Once you’ve joined Apple’s cult, it’s tough […]


CES 2018: FoldiMate

CES 2018: FoldiMate I’m not going to lie when I saw this FoldiMate at last year CES, I just knew God had answered all my prayers! Sometimes when I’m washing clothes, I spend most of the time on folding and miss out on other things. To be fair, I might just be lazy lol. Either […]

Top Tech Gifts For Christmas 2017

Shopping for the perfect gift for yourself or others for the holidays? Whether you’re looking to spruce up the house with some new technology or to dominate Christmas better than Kris Kringle, Tech Daddy has you covered with our list our Top Tech gifts for the 2017 holiday season. Categories Bargain Smart Speakers High Quality […]