Alfa Romeo

Tech Daddy Meets Luxury Brand: Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo When I first saw this beautiful car I didn’t know what to think of it. Not to mention when we went to visit our local Maserati Dealership that Alfa Romeo was also in-house. We wanted to learn more about this brand and thanks to Tom, we were able to get some hands-on time […]

Rezvani Tank

Rezvani Tank: The New Beast On The Road!

Rezvani Tank Wow! When I first set my eyes on the Rezvani Tank, I was blown away. I was like this can’t be real so I had to do some investigating. So I went to the Rezvani Motors official website to get more familiar with it’s Tank Model. From what I saw, my mouth is still […]


Tech Daddy Meets Luxury Brand Maserati

I personally fell in love with the Luxury Car Brand Maserati in 2002. My first interaction was when I laid eyes on the Maserati Quattroporte in my city of Buffalo. As it drove by I noticed the shark looking exterior with the mean grill and the three vent holes on the side. The first question […]

#CarGoals: Lucid Air

#CarGoals: Lucid Air When I first saw the Lucid Air from scrolling through my Facebook timeline, I didn’t believe it was real. I thought that it was another concept car that would never be seen in the light of day. Come to find out I was wrong! The Lucid Air is one hell of a […]