Best Bluetooth Speakers Under $25: Lumsing M5 and M9

Christmas is almost here and we at Tech Daddy is starting a new series called Holiday Tech. We highlight some great stocking stuffers for you to ease the pain of searching for the perfect gift!

First up is Lumsing Bluetooth Speakers, M5 & M9!

Lumsing M5

We are really shocked how good this portable Bluetooth speaker sounds! The Lumsing M5 is probably one of the smallest and yet loudest speakers we ever heard.

When you receive your speaker, it comes with the speaker itself, a micro USB cable and a hook. First glance, I really liked the design of it. It is small but doesn’t feel cheap. It is a solid device. Battery Life is stated to be 12 hours and from my testing, it seems accurate. I connected multiple devices to it (iPhone, iPad, MacBook) and I was able to listen to music and watch videos with no issues. I also love that it is fully waterproof so I can clip it on in the shower and just listen to music. Worked just as advertised.

The sound quality is really clean and offers some pretty decent bass as well. I played hip hop, r&b, Chillhop to test the quality and I was literally impressed afterward. I highly recommend this portable charger to anyone in the market for one. For $16 dollars you are going to be some quality from one of the smallest Bluetooth Speakers. This would be a great stocking stuffer.

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Lumsing M9

The Lumsing M9 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is one the best speakers I ever heard! I really can’t express enough of how great the sound and build quality is for such a portable device. It doesn’t feel like a knock-off or cheap device. You are getting a premium feeling speaker here.

A huge plus goes to the surround sound! The Lumsing M9 has two speakers (Front & Back) which adds to the sound quality. It gets really loud even if you have music up to 2/3.

I haven’t had any issues with connecting to devices. Everything has been straightforward. You are able to connect to your Laptops, Phones, and tablets with no issue with Bluetooth.

Another plus is that this wireless speaker is also WaterProof as well. You can have this playing in the shower and outside. It just a great a great all-purpose speaker for under $25. Definitely, one the best Bluetooth speakers I ever heard in this price range.

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Highly recommend this speaker to everyone. Lumsing is quality.