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Why don’t you have a Bluetooth Smart Scale Yet???

So this month I started my next chapter with weight loss but I wanted an up to date scale. I wanted to find a smart scale that could connect to my iPhone and figure out how much body fat I have on my body. Came across this Bluetooth Smart scale from Renpho and I must say that I’m now in love with my first scale. First off, setup was a breeze! All I had to do was throw in the 3 included batteries inside the Bluetooth scale. Then to connect it to your phone, all you have to do is download their Renpho app (Which is free for Android & iOS). From there make sure your Bluetooth settings is turned on and click the + sign and device management within the app. Once you are in the Renpho App, you will be welcomed to a clean interface that shows you the following Measurements:

“I must say that I’m now in love with my first scale”

Carl – Tech Daddy

Body Weight
Body Fat %
Water %
Skeletal Muscle
Fat-Free Body Weight
Muscle Mass
Bone Mass
Basal Metabolism
Body Age

When I saw this, I was kinda overwhelmed as I didn’t know a scale can measure all of this. Especially for the price. At $32.99, It was definitely a great investment for me. It motivates me to stay consistent with my diet.

While I was just looking for a scale for weight and body fat, the included 11 measurements is a great bonus for anybody who values their fitness Journey. Highly recommend this scale! This is the best scale I ever used!

Check out the RENPHO Bluetooth Smart Scale HERE!

Have you ever used a Bluetooth Scale before? What are some of your favorites? Sound off in the comments below!

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