Flirting With Alexa: Should HomePod Be Worried??

Flirting with Alexa – Should HomePod be Worried?? First, I would like to start this article by stating I am a Mac. Some might even say that I can be an “Apple Fanboy / Apple Fanatic” at times. One thing is certain, I’ve definitely joined the Apple cult. Once you’ve joined Apple’s cult, it’s tough […]


CES 2018: FoldiMate

CES 2018: FoldiMate I’m not going to lie when I saw this FoldiMate at last year CES, I just knew God had answered all my prayers! Sometimes when I’m washing clothes, I spend most of the time on folding and miss out on other things. To be fair, I might just be lazy lol. Either […]

Sport Royal

Air Jordan XVIII “Sport Royal”

Air Jordan XVIII “Sport Royal” I don’t think anyone is as excited as me to see the Air Jordan 18s Sport Royal return! I’ve been waiting for a very long time!! This shoe brings back a lot of high school memories for me as I own the White and Red 18s, Red and Black Suede […]